Life Coaching is centered on your energy, wisdom, and strengths as you seek vision and personal growth.

Coaching is a partnership through which you can explore, discover, and enhance your quality of living. The nature of Coaching encourages you to reach greater clarity, awareness, and meaningful purpose; therefore, fostering conscious choice, action, and living as your true and best self. As your Life Coach, I will provide you with personalized and trusted support on your path to discovering the Life that is True to You.

Wholistic Growth Coaching Services

  • Lifestyle/Health & Well-being
  • Relationships (Personal and Professional)
  • Spirituality & Growth
  • Grieving and Loss
  • Career & Job
  • Exploring/Discovering your True Potential

“I feel privileged to have worked with Jeannie as my coach during a challenging transition in my life. Jeannie’s compassionate presence, her acute perceptions, and her skills to activate exploration and action, helped me develop deeper assessment of the situation and clearer vision of future possibilities. I remain grateful for that.”             —Mukin M.